The next step in personalization

With our TrueTherm™ products, we continue to find ways to elevate the travel experience. We have now integrated our products into cup holders and storage units using smart thermal technology that satisfies the increasingly discerning expectations of today’s travelers.  Each TrueTherm™ product actively heats or cools the contents it holds and are the fastest to reach the pre-set temperature, and can maintain that temperature the longest.  Our deep expertise in deploying thermal solutions into the rest of the vehicle ensures all of the features operate seamlessly in a system.

TrueTherm™ Cupholder

At Gentherm, we are always innovating and creating solutions that propel individualization and customization to new frontiers. The same technology that makes our thermal solutions best-in-class is now available in our TrueTherm™ cupholders. We offer individually controlled heated and cooled cup-holders, delivering optimal customer satisfaction by providing personal control of their preferred beverage temperature. Our cupholders are the most advanced in the industry and provide customers active heating and cooling below and above ambient temperature ensuring your beverage is exactly the temperature you like.


TrueTherm™ Storage Unit

Our TrueTherm™ Storage Unit utilizes our patented micro-compressor technology,  allowing customers to store beverages, meals, groceries, medication and any other item they need to heat, cool, or freeze, easily and effectively.  Our TrueTherm™ storage unit provides an added benefit of lower weight and size which translates into lower costs, and a greater flexibility to incorporate the unit in a wide variety of locations in the vehicle such as armrests, door panels, glove boxes and under seats. This translates into a state-of-the-art product that offers our customers complete design freedom.