Power Generation

Power where you need it

Waste heat is everywhere. We produce it when we drive, make glass, cast metals, incinerate trash, and synthesize chemicals. We capture some of this wasted heat and turn it into reusable energy which is robust and reliable enough to withstand the world’s harshest environments and give you power where you need it.  Our global TEGs have no moving parts, making them highly reliable and low maintenance. The 20-year design life can withstand earth’s toughest environments.


Thermal Electric Generator (TEG)

For over 40 years we have specialized in remote industrial power solutions for applications anywhere in the world.  We operate under intense and unique climate conditions from the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert, to the subzero temperatures of the arctic circle and even the surface of the moon.


With over 30,000 systems installed in over 50 countries, we are the world leader in the remote power market.  We not only manufacture industrial thermoelectric generators for remote locations, but also offer solar power hybrids, electrical shelters, fuel conditioning systems, fuel management systems and heat recovery systems.  We meet every remote power challenge head on and are passionate about providing solutions that offer reliable longevity without compromising on cost efficiency.


We are a system integrator with a broad and deep understanding of the applicability of different technologies and are always monitoring in innovations for remote applications.  We are committed to our customers success by meeting any technical challenge.  We offer integrated, standard and customized remote power solutions providing our customers installation flexibility and proven performance in the harshest environments on earth.


From the drawing board to the forest floor of the Amazon, we offer full engineering, design, drafting and project management support as well as world-class field service and maintenance ensuring your products are always operating at an optimal level.

Thermoelectric Generator with a service helicopter beside it

Thermoelectric Generators in snow

Our systems are incredibly tough, due in part to the fact they have no moving parts, which makes them ideal for long-term, unattended operation providing power for remote locations that may be exposed to harsh conditions or where site visits are difficult.


Although a thermoelectric generator has no moving parts, it is designed to convert heat directly into electricity. As heat moves from a gas burner through a thermoelectric module, it causes an electrical current to flow.  Our individual generators range in output size from 15 to 550 Watts and are ideal for remote power applications requiring power up to 5,000 Watts.