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We are the world leaders in all things thermal.  With applications that range from automotive to aviation and electronics, and from medical and industrial to remote power generation, we believe in challenging the status quo by applying the latest tools and thinking to thermal solutions. We are passionate about providing products and solutions that not only help our customers but improve the world and the lives of those in it.  We believe innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower and the way we live up to this belief is by investing in innovations – within our firm and through acquisition. Below are our subsidiaries, which match our innovations with deep expertise for customers with specific industry needs. 



We live out the belief every day that we can help make the world better. Our products are designed for patient comfort and ease of use with innovation and one-of-a-kind products used to manage patient body temperature in the operating room, recovery room, intensive care units and other areas of hospitals throughout the world.




Thermoelectric Generators



We are the world’s market leader in industrial thermoelectric generator systems and remote power generation.  We build practical, streamlined Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) that transform waste heat into electricity and are robust enough to withstand the challenges of the world’s harshest environments. Reliable and compact thermoelectric power generation can be economically viable in a wide range of applications and we adapt our systems to satisfy your unique requirements. Our patented integration of thermoelectric materials with heat exchangers make our designs distinctly different and our ongoing application developments with a range of customers demonstrate the power of our tailored approach.






We specialize in the design, development and manufacture of the world’s smartest electronics.  Our team has the expertise and global resources to meet any customer request and industry demand. From design and engineering, to manufacturing and quality assurance, we cover all steps of the process to ensure high-quality, durable and functional products without compromising on cost efficiency.  We are committed to quality and are passionate about meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations by providing innovation through continual improvement of our internal processes and systems.



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