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Our Technology

MicroClimate Ghosted Bed

Barrier Separation Feature

The barrier prevents bleed-through of conditioned air from one side of the bed to the other for uncompromised individualized comfort.

Breathable Cover

The antimicrobial treated cover allows for conditioned air to move to the surface for a clean and comfortable top layer.

Patented MicroThermal Module™

The modules in the foundation each contain a solid state thermoelectric device coupled with a highly efficient fan to provide heating and cooling for a customized sleep environment.

Unique Air Distribution System

Heated or cooled air is brought to the surface where it is dispersed throughout the top layer of the bed.

Master Control Module (MCU) and Remotes

The desired temperature set points of each individual side of the bed is expertly controlled by either the MCU or by hand-held remotes.


Thermoelectricity: the art and science of enhancing our environments.

Through sound science and creative thinking, we have revolutionized seating comfort and convenience in the automotive industry. Furthermore, we have harnessed the value of our thermal technologies and have integrated them into a variety of other products.

Our thermal technologies are now featured in bedding, office furniture, and various aftermarket uses. The end result? Customers will experience a higher level of comfort and convenience like never before.

Our core technology is thermoelectric heating and cooling.