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Seat Comfort

Largest Range of Options

We ensure our customers receive uniquely tailored thermal technology that adds comfort, value, and prestige.

We are a driving force in automotive seat climate systems.

Driving comfort varies because it is based on individual needs and seasonal temperature changes. Our products create a comfortable thermal microclimate
environment for the driver or the passenger and allow for individual adjustment for maximum comfort.

We work with automotive companies around the world in developing integrated thermal technology so their customers can enjoy the highest level of thermal comfort.

Our proven thermoelectric systems and our pioneering use of new materials satisfy the increasing requirements for energy efficiency. Our focus on innovation means that we not only pay attention to technological trends, but we are proactive in initiating them, making us a leader in thermal technology, including seat ergonomics and functionality.

We offer the largest range of thermal systems and technologies.

  • Heated & Cooled Seats
  • Heated & Ventilated Seats
  • Heated Seats
  • Neckwarmers

It is our capability and flexibility that allow us to create internationally acclaimed customer-specific products that lead the market.