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Product Development

Product Development

We have a flexible, customer-oriented development organization, offering all required services and functions for the design and manufacturing of electronics.

Systems Engineering

Our approach is a systems approach.

With a systems approach, we work with our customers to provide refined solutions, always taking into consideration the big picture of the overall system.

Our electronic designs can be tailored according to the technology, power levels, diagnostics, and communications requirements of our customers’ systems. Our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and focusing on our customers’ needs has allowed us to provide superior quality and performance consistently.


We offer world-class electronic engineering that customers expect, with the flexibility and speed that customers crave.

  • We offer complete in-house development from concept, schematic, circuit analysis, and pcb layout, to validation and manufacturing.
  • Our development process ensures functional safety when required, according to ISO26262.
  • Our platform approach to both hardware and software allows for cost efficient and easy adaptation to customer specific requirements.
  • Our global sourcing team is closely aligned with engineering for optimized designs and pricing.


The Gentherm software platform was developed in order to quickly and reliably adapt proven software into entirely new electronic control units.

  • The software platform consists of a library of software modules allowing for short development timeframe, quality products, and cost-savings to customers.
  • Features of the platform include independent Bootloader, Scheduler, Applications Interface (API), and Application Layers.
  • Development processes in compliance with Automotive SPICE and ISO26262. On request we can adhere to AUTOSAR standards.
  • Hardware I/O layer allows for flexibile adaptation to differenct microprocessor families.