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Today, we are global industry leaders with decades of experience, and we continue inventing and perfecting a broad range of thermal technologies. Our history of practical expertise and operational excellence gives us the foundation to push thermal technology forward.

In 2014, Gentherm acquired Global Thermoelectric, Inc. Based in Calgary, Canada, Global Thermoelectric is the world’s largest market leader in industrial thermoelectric generator systems and remote power generation.

The addition of Global Thermoelectric to the Gentherm family supports the power generation initiatives of our advanced technology group.

In 2011, Gentherm acquired W.E.T. Automotive Systems. W.E.T. came with a rich history in the thermal comfort business, opening over 40 years ago near Munich, Germany..

We first opened our doors in Southern California in 1991 as Amerigon, investigating a broad spectrum of technologies, including thermoelectric devices. In 1999, we introduced the first heated and cooled seat based on our revolutionary thermoelectric technology, creating a new market that continues to expand as consumers around the world embrace greater comfort and efficiency in vehicles.
W.E.T. has a rich history in the thermal comfort business. Opening over 40 years ago near Munich, Germany, W.E.T. began manufacturing resistive heat products for the automotive industry in 1973 and garnered 50 percent of the automotive market for heated seats by the time of the acquisition.