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What You Need to Know About Our Office Chair

Here are some answers to your most common questions.

How long is the battery life?
Our high-performance Lithium Ion battery is designed to keep you comfortable throughout the work day by providing up to 8 continuous hours of operation. Overall duration is extended by our occupant sensor technology that only allows the chair to function while occupied. At the end of the day, just plug the battery into its charger and your chair will be ready for the next morning.

How hot or cold does the chair get?
As the leading supplier of climate seating to the automotive industry, we have extensive experience in providing occupants with a comfortable and safe seating experience. High and Low set-points in both heating and cooling provide a wide range of temperature options. Heating temperatures are consistent with those in car seats. Cooling performance will vary with the temperature of the room, but will always provide satisfactory relief.

What are your certifications?
As a high volume supplier of automotive thermal components, all Gentherm products have been rigorously tested to a number of industry standards. All of our office chairs have also met BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers)[1] performance standards and are designed to meet the safety requirements of UL (Underwriters Laboratories)[2].

What is the warranty?
We offer a 1 year warranty for the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and a 2 year warranty for remainder of the chair components.

How much energy does the chair consume?
Our thermal components only use 10 watts to keep you comfortable all day. Compare that to 100 watts for a floor fan and 1500 watts for a space heater and you will recognize the energy savings immediately!

How many settings are there?
At Gentherm, we understand that no two people are thermally identical, which is why each of our office chairs offers multiple settings for individualized comfort. On the heated office chair, there is a low and high setting for the level of heat, as well as, a setting to warm either your back and seat or just your back. On the heated and cooled office chair, there is a setting that allows you to choose between heat or vent, and another for either a low or high level of heating or cooling.

What is the occupant sensor?
The occupant sensor will automatically turn off the heating and cooling elements in your chair whenever you get up for safety and to preserve battery life. When you return to your chair, the heating and cooling will resume.

Where can I buy it?
Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Gentherm office chair! Click here to view the Amazon product listing and buy your chair today.