Battery Thermal Management

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Battery Thermal Management

The future belongs to electric and hybrid technology and we are always innovating and preparing for the next generation of automobiles relentlessly striving to pioneer solutions that offer our customers functionality, design flexibility and improved packaging. Our first-of-its-kind Battery Thermal Management products utilize thermoelectrics to deliver a decisive increase in durability by avoiding critical temperature ranges that would otherwise accelerate the aging process of batteries. Precise temperature control with nearly silent operation delivers heating and cooling to separate cells at the same time from one system achieving sub-ambient temperatures. The result is an integrated approach that leads to higher fuel efficiency, a lower carbon footprint and an enhanced driving experience.

The growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles can deliver significantly higher fuel efficiency over traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, and due to lower carbon dioxide emissions, these vehicles can dramatically benefit the environment.  Due to high demands for range and endurance, the 48 Volt vehicle battery has been catapulted to center stage, leading to an increase focus on thermal management.  We have developed a solution using thermoelectrics that improves the performance of electric and hybrid vehicles by balancing the temperature change in batteries and protecting them from overheating.  The result is maximum performance and charging capacity, as well as the flexibility to integrate with customer specifications.

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Air to Air Battery Thermal Management

Our air to air battery thermal management solution is designed to suit our customer needs from small package to high airflow, and meet multiple OEM mechanical and electrical requirements.  Our solution pulls cool air from the duct and removes hot air from the battery case ensuring optimal battery functionality.   

We utilize the latest technology in system level test and simulation to provide our customers with the most suitable device for each application.  Our battery thermal management products are made to satisfy any customer requirement, from optimal airflow performance within a compact package volume, to applications requiring higher airflow and extremely low noise levels.


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